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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Cross-platform hybrid apps that run natively on iOS, Android, and the Web

We use a combination of tools and utilities that enables developers to quickly build hybrid mobile apps that can be deployed to both Android and iOS using the same codebase. This means we can deliver much faster and more efficiently.


Frontend Development, App Development, Quality Assurance, Support & Maintenance

Tech Stack

iOS, Android, Ionic, Capacitor, Framework 7


This innovative app allows users to watch and bet on grayounds racing with ease and convenience. Enjoy the excitement of racing at your fingertips, with intuitive and engaging features that make the greyhound racing betting experience exciting and accessible to everyone.

Early Years App

Early Years is an iOS App developed to help nurseries manage their day-to-day activities and the development of children. The app generates comprehensive reports that support children's development and communication with parents.

Love Pizza

Love Pizza is a popular pizza delivery restaurant based in Belfast. They offer great deals and prices with a very high standard in customer service and product quality.

Auto Elite

Auto Elite is a car delearship that operates in the resale of new and used cars, original parts and accessories, in addition to Volkswagen maintenance and technical assistance services. The Auto Elite app was developed to aid car sellers to better manage sales and share vehicle information with customers.

Awesome Machine

Awesome Machine is a "Rube Goldberg" style puzzle game inspired on the award winning "The incredible Machine". Discover what it takes to be a scientist and build awesome contraptions with simulated real physics using trampolines, balls, explosives and much more.

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